"He has no interest in the false story telling of posed photographs"

Photo: Sheryl Tait

Monday 18th February, 2013 | Posted by Volunteers

Martin Parr in conversation with Susie Godsil

Here's an extract of what a blogger Do You Wish To Continue thought about our recent event Martin Parr in conversation with Susie Godsil:

"Soon after becoming arrogant, I happened to be introduced to a French psychoanalyst. Oui. As is the case with every analyst I have ever met, she has the habit of leaving massive gaps in the conversation. When this happens, when the other person doesn’t pick up the ball or follow the rules of polite conversation, I am up shit creek. I overcompensate. Or to put it in layman’s terms, I gabble. I spouted loads of bollocks about Lacan and Existentialism which fell between us into the infertile silent pit. La Cravasse Du Silence. I feel like a right twat. It doesn’t occur to me till now that maybe she’s La Con. Hey see how close that is to Lacan! Did I just do something really brilliant that none else has ever thought of? Hope so…."

Click here to continue reading her full blog.


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